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Places to visit in Kullu Manali

Let’s Explore Top Most Scenic Places In Kullu Manali With AmNeu Travels Like Never Before.

Here we will explain to you which places are best to cover in Kullu Manali rather than visiting only the regular places and you would happily agree with us once you see them with your own eyes, lakes, snowy-mountain, waterfall, off-road ride, temples, historical places, natural beauty and much more all that would make your holiday worthwhile!

Reach Manali by Volvo || How to reach Manali

Manali private Volvo stand is located half km before Manali mall road. If you are coming Manali by Volvo buses will drop you at half km before mall road Manali at private Volvo stand. All the Volvo buses drop passenger at Volvo stand and after that you can take taxi to reach your hotel and go to sight seen around Kullu Manali.

 About the Places

Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass the gateway of world heritage place and Lahaul- Spiti valley. The real name of Rohtang pass is Rohtang-La.(In Ladaki Language Rohtang pass is known as the Bhoti which means pile of corpses) The beautiful place is located just 52 km from Manali at the elevation of 3978m above from the sea level.

Rohtang pass one of the most visited and tourist favourite place to visit in Manali. Every tourist who visit Manali they definitely visit Rohtang to see the panorama view of mountains and compete there tour.

Rohtang pass will open only for 6 month from mid of May month to Mid of Nov month. In Summerrohtang pass is best option where you can find snow even in May -June month and enjoy the snow adventure activities at top of the mountains.


Marhi is located before 16kms from Rohtang pass. There are many road side restaurants where you can eat food on the way to Rohtang pass and relax for some time. In marhi you can see the frozen water fall called Sagu Water fall and also the route of Beas Kund Trek is start from near Marhi. Till Marhi your mobile networks are work well after that you will not find any mobile network on Rohtang pass road.

Solang Valley

Solang Valley is located at a distance of just 15 km from Manali mall road you can take taxi, bus to reach Solang valley. The name comes from Solang the village and the Nala (Water stream) near Valley. Solang valley is best known as the land of adventure activities in Manali. In Solang Valley, there are many options for you if you are adventure lover. In Summertime you can enjoy the Paragliding, Ropeway, Zorbing, Horse Riding, and in winter many snow-related activities like skiing, Snow boarding, Snow scooter ride, Ice skating and much more activities. Overall Solang valley means the adventure sports point.


Anjani Mahadev Temple

AnjaniMahadev is located near Solang valley at a distance of just 2 km also known as the Amarnath of Kullu Manali. Here you can see the water flow from the top of the mountain to Shiva Lingam and during winter time you can see Shiva lingam same as Amarnath. You can reach here in via ATV ride or horse riding and see this beautiful place with mesmerizing view of valley


Vashist Temple, Hot water &On the way Market Etc

Vashist Temple of one of the oldest temple in Manali located other side of Beas River at a distance from 3 km from Manali Mall road at Vashist Village. On the way to temple you can find many woollen material and shops where you can do shopping.

The Vashist Temple in Manali is dedicated to sage Vashisht, also known as the Kula guru of Lord Rama. The temple is among the most famous place to visit in Manali. The name of the village Vashisht was named after Rishi Vashisht one of the seven sages of Hindu

Hot Water Spring: Near the temple, you can see the hot water spring where you can take a bath. The hot springs is believed to have medicinal value. The springs are said to cure many skin diseases. Many people go to the Vashisht baths to take a dip and rid themselves of skin infections and diseases. There are also separate bathrooms for both men and women

Jogni Water Fall Trek

Jogni Waterfall is beautiful water fall situated near Vashist Temple in Manali, from vashist temple it takes just one hour to reach Jogni water fall. You can see the most amazing waterfall cascades down from the height of around 150 feet through multiple levels. At the base, there is a small area where you can spend time and take the picture and enjoy your Jogni waterfall view. Also, there is a temple inside the waterfall dedicated to Jogni Mata.  The view is amazing from Jogni waterfall of Manali Valley and Beas River.


Van Vihar& Boating In Lake

The place is very popular located near mall road and best for everyone. First, take tickets to enter in Van Vihar. Here you can see the beautiful Deo Dar Trees and children can enjoy many activities in Van Vihar also there is a small artificial lake where you can enjoy the paddle boating ride. Also, you can take a picture with the rabbit here and take picture with traditional dress.

Tibetan Moanstery& Pray Wheel

Everyone who visit Manali, we suggest must-visit Tibetan monastery located near mall road to complete your Manali Trip. You can reach the monastery by 5 min of walkable distance from mall road Manali. Here you can see the statue of Sakyamuni in a sitting or meditative posture. Right from the entrance, the divine and tranquil vibe of the monastery can be felt.

The icon, statues and the beautiful paintings on the walls add to the beauty of the monastery. (You can experience the pray wheel) You can do meditation here to calm your mind and for inner peace.


The Mall road is one of the popular street of Manali Also known as the central point of Manali. In Mall road, there are many corporation offices, restaurants, shops, cafes etc where you can do shopping eat diff kind of food. The popular restaurants in Mall road are Chopsticks, Mount View, and also see the beautiful Durga Temple.

From Mall road, you can take auto riskha to reach Hadimba Temple the cost of Auto Riksha till Hadimba Temple is around 80-100 INR.

Hadimba Temple is located at 2.5 km from Mall Road Manali at Dhungri Village. You can reach here by walk or by cab. By Walk from Mall Road it will take you around 14-17 Minutes to reach Hadimba temple. Or You can take taxi / Auto from Mall Road to reach HadimbaTemple. The Temple us dedicated to Wife of Bhima from Epic Mahabharata. The Ancient cave temple was built in 1553 by Maharaja Bahadur Singh. The temple is very popular and the Center of faith in Kullu Manali, Himachal.

Backside of the Hadimba Temple you can visit Van Vihar to see the nature beauty with surrounded by deodar trees, and walk between deep forest that makes your feel like heaven.

Ghatotkach Temple: The Ghatotkach temple is located near Hadimba. This beautiful tree temple dedicated to Son of Hadimba Devi &Bhima, where you can see many trident

From Hadimba Temple you can take a short-cut route to reach Old Manali and on the way, you can see Green Forest café which is famous for Momo’s and they serve diff kind of food here.

After crossing, old Manali bridge take left turn to Manu Temple on the way you can see many shops and cafes where you can do shopping test the diff kind of food, India, Italian, Israeli, American etc.

Manu Temple: Manu Temple is located in old Manali, at a distance of 3 kilometres from mall road Manali. The temple is dedicated to the Great Indian sage Manu, who is said to be the creator of the world and the writer of Manusmriti. People come across the globe to see this beautiful temple and the place is become one of the attraction of Manali

Café Evergreen: In Old Manali, there are many café’s where you can eat traditional food like Sidu and Indian Food, Italian Food, Israeli Food, American Food and popular one is trout fish. Some of the best cafes in Old Manali are, The Lazy Dog, Cafe 1947, Cafe Evergreen, People Cafe etc.

Café Evergreen is located near Old Manali Bridge one of my favourite café in old Manali. Here you can eat diff kind of food and the most popular dish in this café is The Trout Fish. The Bakery item in café are amazing and very testy must visit once you come old Manali.

Club House: Club House is located near Old Manali Bridge, This place is best for everyone. In Club House you can enjoy many indoor and outdoor activities, also you can experience the river crossing in Club House at Manalsu River and boating in artificial lake. Inside the auditorium, you can attend the Himachal Culture programs


  Nagger Castle

Nagger is located at a distance of 25 km from Manali known as the Heritage Village where you can see the beautiful Castle and the JagtiPatt Temple. In 13 Centaury Nagger is known as the Capital of Kullu and now the place is under Himachal Pradesh Tourism as a Heritage Hotel & Restaurant. Nagger Castle is one place from where you can see Lush Green Valley, Beas River, Snowy Mountains, Heritage Village and much more that makes your trip more special and memorable.

Tripura Sundari Temple: The temple is located near the Nagger Castle, dedicated to Goddess Tripura Sundari. The Temple is a pagoda-style temple made if deodar woods and has great resemblance with Hadimba Devi Temple of Manali.

Art Gallery: Roerich Art Gallery is located just five min of distance from Nagger Castle. In 19th century the Great Russian artist visit Nagger and spend time where and make this place his home. After the death of prof now the place is turned into Art Gallery and a few years back they also start Art Collage and many students come here to learn how to design paintings and this place is become one of the most attractive tourist spot with surrounded by a beautiful view of mountains and valley.

Krishna Temple: In Nagger there is one more temple called Krishna temple dedicated to Lord Krishan in Thawa town

The temple is also known as Murlidhar Temple is believed to be 1000 years old. Backside of the temple you can see a beautiful “rath” which is used as a chariot for Lord Krishan during Dussehra. The above portion of the Temple has been rebuilt after the devastating earthquake of 1905. Also the important thing Non- Hindus are not allowed inside the temple but they are free to roam around the area.

 Kais Monastery

Kais Monastery is located at 35 km from Manali in Manali Nagger Kullu Road in left bank of Beas River in Kais Village.  The monastery is also known as the DhakpoShedrupling Monastery. The Monastery was inaugurated in the year 2005 by the Great Noble Laureate and his Holiness Dalai Lama. The places are amazing you can see the beautiful view of mountains and valley perfect place for nature lovers. In Monastery, you can see a beautiful statue of Buddha and also there is a school where the monks study Buddhist Philosophy.

 Kasol: Kasol is best known as the Mini Israel of India. Because many Israeli people/ Tourist come Kasol and spend time in natural beauty. In Kasol you can see many Cafes where you can enjoy the diff kind of food like India, Italian, Israeli, American and much more. In Kasol there are many tattoos shops if you are interested in Tattoo you can design the tattoo’s. The Best place in kasol is riverside area and the deep forest. The amazing sound of bird and nature, river water makes you feel like heaven

Manikaran Valley

Manikaran the final destination is also known as Parvati Valley located around 86 km from Manali and you need one full day to cover all the beautiful places of Manikaran and one the way places. Manikaran is popular for 3 things one the Gurudwara of Manikaran, Hot water spring and the temple of Manikaran. According to legend, when the Hindu God Shiva and his consort Parvati were walking in the valley, Parvati dropped one of her precious Diamond ring (Mani) and after that this place is known as Manikaran. In Manalikarna you can take blessing when visiting all the temple of Manikaran, Shiva Temple the Main source of Hot water in Manikaran. In Manikaran there is a small mall road/ Market where you can see many shops and you can do shopping in manikaran market.


Kheerganga is one of the most popular place to visit in Kullu Manali located in Parvati Valley. The place is the best option for the nature lover and adventure lover. For Kheerganga first, you have to reach Bhunter (Land Mark TheKullu Manali Airport) Then take Manikaran Valley road to reach Manikaran after that till Barshani you can reach by road/ vehicles, till Rudhra Nag temple after that you have to hike to the mountains for 8-9 km to reach Kherrganga. On the way you can see many beautiful things forest, Deodar trees nature & bird sound and small waterfalls, and green valley. After reach Kheerganga there are some camp stay option for you if you want to spend the night here. In Kherrganga you can see a beautiful Hot water pool where you can take a bath. This is so amazing to stay inside the hot pool and see the best view of natural beauty with surrounded by forest, mountains and green valley and much more.


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